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When you’re trying to drive sales to your online product, having good images that are clear for your customers is crucial. Unfortunately, not everyone has perfect product images, so what should you do when you want to drive conversions with somewhat imperfect images? The answer is simple: photo editing.

Knowing how to improve sales with photo editing isn’t something that everyone just knows; to do it right, you should have the right resources. Since most people don’t have the time to do a perfect job, this is where a company like NYCClip can really help you grow.

The vast majority of unedited images will feature at least one aspect that will actively reduce your chance of conversion. This can be because the subject of the image isn’t centered, the background can be too busy, or there just isn’t enough emphasis on the subject of the image. NYCC has several techniques that can help assure that your images have the lead-driving ability that they need in order to actively boost your sales, so let’s take a look at some of our methodologies.

Photo Editing Clipping Path

When you have an image that has its own background but you want to add more focus on the subject, clipping path techniques that use Photoshop are usually advisable. With clipping path techniques, you can have the subject removed from the image – kind of like a cutout, and place the image on a brand new background. This technique typically uses the pen tool in Photoshop, and when it’s done right, the image manipulation specialist can add other aspects to the product photo like natural shadows and accents on items like jewelry.

Editing for the E-Commerce Platforms

When it comes to driving sales, there’s nothing more influential than the major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. These platforms all drive millions of sales in a day and utilizing them is a great way to really get your product out there. When you are considering hosting your products on these sites, there’s one thing that you have to contend with: the image requirements of the sites.

Each of these sites has their own image requirements that are pretty much set in stone. Some require that the images are at least 500 pixels in size while others require double this sizing. These are all very important because if you don’t meet the base requirements, your images and your posting on these sites can be taken down. In fact, you can even be suspended from using the platform. 

This is why it’s important to edit your images so that they are in-line with the requirements of the platform. With that being said, NYCClip can really help your business comply with the requirements of these sites. For example, if your product doesn’t quite line up with the Amazon requirement to occupy at least 80 percent of the image area, then we can edit the image so that the subject is much more in-focus and occupies the required space. 

We can do the same thing for images that aren’t as in-focus as they could be. We have expert staff that is well-versed in the functions and technologies of Photoshop, so when a customer needs an image to be brought up to snuff, we can do it quickly and with handmade accuracy. see more details here.

Revitalizing Your Products

Sometimes, the images that you have aren’t the newest and may have blemishes, scratches on the product, or may appear to look washed out. When this is the case, NYCClip can help bring your images back to life. For example, when a jeweler is trying to sell a piece of jewelry, oftentimes, they will edit the jewelry to appear newer and more lustrous. With our image manipulation services, we can add new life to your product so that it can help drive sales. 

This isn’t just limited to jewelry photos – we can make furniture look brand new, we can retouch the images you use for e-commerce, and we can make apparel images look more sales-worthy. The techniques that are used can revitalize the color of the subject, add accents to the product, or even repair any damage that appears on the image. These changes will ensure that your customers will only see a perfect image that will help you drive sales.

The Team

The NYCClip team has decades of experience and each member understands the needs of businesspeople and also know what to do in order to make images sales-worthy. Their skills include a deep familiarity with Photoshop and its tools, a mastery of other technologies that can help in the editing process, and each member knows how to elicit change by hand – NYCClip will not use software options to automatically alter your images.