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When you’re looking to sell items via Amazon, eBay, or even Shopify, then you need to be 100 percent positive that your images meet the requirements of those shopping platforms requirements. For example, Amazon requires that your images be formatted in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format, and the images need to have a pixel size of at least 1000 or higher. Additionally, the image must not have any confusing objects that detract from the product being sold and must have professional lighting and realistic color.
eBay, on the other hand, requires that your images be borderless, have a watermark that can be no larger than five percent of the image area, and is no smaller than 500 pixels in size on a side. You can’t use stock photos and the image must not include any seller text or artwork. check more details Ebay requirement.

Type of image or need

Example – before

Example – after

To remove the background from a product image. jewelry images best for cut out and compliance for ebay or amazon.

Complex clipping for furniture product. as the product has lots of insides. we did photoshop pen tools and make it a white background.

Why Consider NYCClip?

With both of these platforms, it’s in your best interest to have the highest quality images available. At NYCClip, we offer product editing services that ensure that your listings adhere to the requirements of the shopping platform that you’ll be hosting on. We also add a professional level of editing to the images themselves so that they are more attractive to prospective buyers.

Our Staff

We have several professionals on-staff that understand the value of hard work when creating top-notch images. Our team can remove backgrounds, remove any blur from the image itself, and we also offer retouching services so that you can use your best possible images in order to sell your product. It’s important to have the best possible image when you’re posting to these platforms, which is why NYCClip is here; we understand how important this is to you, so depend on us to help you drive sales.

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