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Digital photo editing

If you’re looking to sell your furniture products online, then having top-notch images is crucial. When you’re making these kinds of sales, you’ll need to ensure that your product pictures are scratch and blemish-free, that the colors and resolution are high-quality, and that there is no background clutter to draw your customer’s attention away from the product.
When it comes to furniture photo editing, the types of editing process can vary based on the types of furniture that are featured in the image. Not only can furniture be of the type that has ill-defined edges, but there can be products like computer desks and tables that have a multitude of angles.

Type of image or need

Example – before

Example – after

To remove the background from a product image. also, remove the unwanted objects from image.

Remove the background sofa. we used the pen tools and making sure fine cut out edges. we can make PNG, Or jpg.

The Furniture Image Editing Process

When furniture images need to be edited, it’s best to find a company like NYCClip that can work with all furniture types. Not only can clipping path techniques be used in order to place your furniture images on different backgrounds, but masking techniques can also be employed to ensure that fuzzier furniture can still look attractive on your product pages.

Additionally, when you’re selling furniture online, it’s a good idea to transform the image so that it’s more attractive. With this in mind, at NYCClip, we can make colors appear more vibrant, remove stains, straighten the image, remove reflections from reflective surfaces, cut down clutter, and remove physical damage from the image itself.

For each of these processes, NYCClip has software solutions such as Photoshop that our experts use to provide a quality image editing experience.

Why Consider NYCClip?

At NYCClip, our team of image professionals knows how to use various techniques and tools such as the pen tool to edit your furniture so that it’s E-commerce-ready. We have years of experience, and no job is too big or small; we take pride in our work and each of our specialists performs each task by hand so that you can expect a quality result.

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