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Digital jewelry photo retouching

When you are trying to sell jewelry in an online marketplace, you need to be 100 percent sure that the image quality is top-notch and the subject of the image is appealing to potential customers. To provide this, you can use jewelry photo retouching to ensure that the finished photo is attractive and will help drive sales – no matter if you’re trying to sell wedding rings, bangles, charms, or brooches.
Typically, the jewelry retouching process is used by photographers to ensure higher sales online. Fortunately, NYCClip provides some of the same services, even if you’re not the photographer. We’ll bring out the most important details of the jewelry and ensure that its backgrounds and shadows appear perfect so that sales can be made.

Type of image or need

Example – before

Example – after

To remove the background from a product image or any object and make a nice looking softshadow.

make a cutout this image and make the pure white background. save as for web.

Why Consider NYCClip?

We use several different techniques in order to help your jewelry appear pristine. Here are a few of our processes:

• Clipping Path – This ensures that the jewelry is placed on the best possible background. Sometimes, when we’re taking our product photos, we don’t always have the best backgrounds for sales. With the clipping path techniques of Photoshop, the jewelry itself can be placed on an alternate background that will draw attention to the jewelry itself.

• Natural Shadow – Once the clipping path process is complete, it helps to have the most natural shadow possible so that the image can “jump out” at potential buyers. Using Photoshop, our team can add natural shadow to your jewelry images in order to make them look more attractive.

• Color Readjustment – Sometimes, jewelry loses its luster, and when that happens, it’s important to restore some of the shine digitally. Our team specializes in adding more shine to your jewelry via color correction so that potential buyers can see what the jewelry is meant to look like.

• Dust Removal – When using jewelry that’s old, sometimes dust happens. Fortunately, using various tools like Photoshop, we can remove the appearance of dust on your jewelry.

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